Andrew the Apostle

Parable about Non-Burning Flame

Jesus said: “There is Non-Burning Flame! It is the Power of My Father!»
From the memories of Andrew the Apostle

        There was a man and he was kind. He wanted to help people who lived in affliction and grief, poverty and illnesses… He sought ways to help them to transform their hard and sad lives but could not find such means…
        That kind man discovered that there was Non-Burning Flame. This Flame is similar to the flame of a fire and yet is different, because the Great Power is contained in It. This Flame is brighter than the light of the sun and yet does not burn anyone. And what-ever you wish can be fulfilled by this Great Power…
        … Once the kind man heard that a Great Teacher came to the Earth from God-the-Father and that in this Teacher there was Non-Burning Divine Flame.
        And all that this Teacher said came true. He touched the blind and said: “See!”, and the blind began to see… He touched the lame and said: “Rise and go!”, and the lame rose and went… He was endowed with the Great Power to raise the dead and to heal the sick. This Teacher knew the secrets of life and the secrets of death. He preached the Knowledge from God-the-Father about how people should live on the Earth.
        The kind man decided to find this Teacher and to learn how one could acquire the Power of Non-Burning Flame in order to help people who lived in suffering and misery.
        He traveled for a long time, and his Purpose guided him. And finally he found the Teacher.
        And the kind man saw the Teacher walking and the Non-Burning Flame shining in Him! The kind man looked closely, his eyes blinked, and there was no Flame… He looked again, and again he saw the Bright Flame in the Teacher.
        The Teacher wore simple clothes. And He spoke simple words as if He was not a Great Messiah at all!
        But the Light of Love was streaming from His eyes. He spoke softly, but His every word touched the heart and was remembered by the soul.
        And the kind man went together with the human crowd that followed the Teacher and listened to His speeches. The kind man saw how He healed and said to the cured person: “Go and sin no more!”
        And once the kind man decided to ask the Teacher to give him the Non-Burning Flame so that he also could heal the lame, recover the sight of the blind, raise the dead, alleviating the sorrows of people in this way!…
        And the Teacher answered him: “Here is the Flame! Take it!” But the kind man could not take it, for he did not know how. And then he decided to stay with the Teacher and follow Him with a few other disciples. And he learned from the Teacher for many years…
        Time was passing… And the kind man began to see the entire Sea of Shining Flame. But could not take It…
        And the Teacher told him: “Only that one can carry this Flame who has became It! Only the human heart can contain the Sea of Non-Burning Flame! Only the Transfigured Man can turn into the source of the Divine Flame on the Earth!
        “But this Flame exists not for healing bodies and returning souls to flesh. These miraculous healings are but Signs of the Power of the Heavenly Father, so that people can know whose Flame shines and whose Will creates!
        “Bodies are not eternal! They are like clothes that the soul puts on when it comes to the Earth. And it takes them off when it comes back to life without a body, and it gets new clothes when it comes to the Earth again and again… This continues until the soul, having taken off the clothes, becomes so pure and beautiful that it deserves to enter the Abode of the Heavenly Father, which means that the soul has become the Light of Love identical to the Light of the Father!
        “The Non-Burning Flame shines on the Earth so that people can see the Light and want to transform themselves! The Non-Burning Flame shines so that they may know how this transformation happens: the love of the heart becomes that Light which is the Path to the Father!”
        And the kind man understood that it is not the body that should be healed but the soul, so that those who do not see the Light of the Father can see it; so that those who are paralyzed by vices and weaknesses can stand up and enter on the Path that transforms souls and leads to God-the-Father!
        For a long time the kind man developed Love, Wisdom, and Power, so that his spiritual heart could carry the Non-Burning Flame!…
        … And one day the heart of the kind man became filled with the Divine Non-Burning Flame! For the only vessel on the Earth in which Divine Flame can exist is the heart transformed by Love!
        … And now the kind Man was walking the earth, and the Non-Burning Flame was shining in Him. And He sought hearts that were ready to receive that Flame…
        And a rumor was spreading that there was a Teacher sent by God-the-Father to the Earth. This Teacher knew the secrets of life and the secrets of death, and He preached the Knowledge from God-the-Father about how people should live on the Earth…

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