Andrew the Apostle

Parable about the Prophet

Jesus said: ‘He came, but not many recognized Him…
He spoke, but not many heard Him…
 He taught, but not many fulfilled His Teachings…’
From the memories of Andrew the Apostle

        A Man sent by God-the-Father came to the Earth.
        And He saw that people wallowed in sins, that vices had multiplied in the souls, that good manners had been forgotten…
        And the Man saw that the Teachings about Divine Laws had been abandoned, and the knowledge about the essence of the Scriptures created by God had been lost.
        Just as one can cover with beautiful clothes the dirt and ugliness of the body, so people can try to cover the vices of souls with the words from the Scriptures, which are spoken but not fulfilled.
        Everyone speaks about the Law; everyone teaches about the Law… Yet they merely say words and do not fulfill even what they say…
        People do not see the Light and do not know that they live in the darkness…
        The Man did not know how to change what He saw… For He knew if He started to speak, His speeches would be lost among the false speeches of those who spoke about the Law but did not know it and did not fulfill it…
        And then the Man took off His clothes and went to the desert… And He lived in the desert and listened to God, and God spoke to Him.
        And a rumor spread about the Prophet Who lived in the desert and listened to God but was always silent.
        And people started to come to see that Man and wondered at Him…
        They began asking Him questions and wondered to whom He would answer.
        One man came and asked:
        “What harvest will we get this year?”
        Another man came and asked:
        “When will my son get married?”
        And many others came and asked:
        “When will my daughter-in-law give birth?”, “How can I multiply my treasures and protect them?”, “How can I make a maid love me and marry me?”…
        But the Prophet kept silence. The words that He wanted to tell people were burning His mouth; His heart was overflowed with God’s Love. He kept silence for ten years…
        The rumor about Him spread wide, and more people were coming to see Him. They wondered because all prophets had said a lot, but this one… had said nothing!
        The Prophet kept silence. The words that He wanted to tell people were burning His mouth; His heart was overfilled with God’s Love. And He kept silence for another ten years.
        And His silence attracted people more than the speeches of others…
        A young man once came to Him. He did not want to get any profit from the answer to his question. He simply asked: “What word is hidden behind Your silence?”
        And then the Prophet said: “Purify yourselves!”
        And people began coming to Him to be purified from their sins.
        One man said: “I was angry yesterday! Purify me!”
        Another one said: “I cheated in trading telling a lie! Purify me!”
        And the third one said: “I was proud and indulged in vanity! Purify me!”
        The Prophet kept silence. The same people came again and again, repented of the same sins and went home to sin further…
        The Prophet kept silence…
        “Why do You
not want to purify us?” — people asked.
        The Prophet answered: “Purification won’t come until repentance cleans out the vice of the soul, so that a similar sin cannot become possible from that moment on!”
        And the Prophet became silent again…
        There was only the River of Living Light. All thoughts and deeds were visible in Its Flow. The Prophet stood in the River of Living Light and waited for those who would come to be purified… The River was flowing, and time was passing…
        And people listened to His silence, the silence of the Soul. And there were those who understood Him. And they came to be purified.
        The fire of shame for their sins was burning them. They could not raise their eyes and were ashamed to speak. The fire of shame was burning them — and this fire burned away the vices of souls washed by repentance.
        The Prophet washed with pure water those who came to receive the purification. And there was no sign of condemnation in His eyes.
        The River of the Sacred Light was flowing, and people entered Its Waters and were purified from vices, so as not to sin anymore!
        And the Prophet said: “It is impossible to reject all vices of the soul at once. Stay and learn how to purify yourselves! All bad qualities of the soul must be washed away and replaced with love — with a flow of giving love!”
        Besides, the Prophet said: “I am baptizing you with the Waters of the Flow so that you can receive the Baptism in the Fire of the Father! The One Who will come after Me will bring the Fire of Divine Love to the Earth! Only if you receive purification of the soul before His coming, you will be able to cognize the Divine Fire!”
        Thus taught the Prophet called by people John.

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